Five Paragraph Essay Writing is the Basis for All Essay Writing

The 5 paragraph essay is taught as early as junior high school. It is the basic essay format throughout one’s academic career, no matter what content field students choose to pursue during university and even graduate school studies.
Students become expert of the 5 paragraph essay only through constant practice. Unfortunately, many of them do not have enough practice to master the format. As such, their essays are disorganize, incoherent, and lack the structure to be effective in presentation of information, explanation, or opinion.

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

1. The Topic
Whether chosen or assigned, the topic determines the type of essay to be written. These types include descriptive, explanatory, definition, comparison/contrast, persuasive, etc. Each type has a particular content and way of presenting the essay; however, the structure remains essentially common.
2. Organizing the Content
Content can be organized through outline, Venn diagram, or other graphic organizer. The points to be made should be identified and organized into sub-topics to form the body paragraphs.
3. Writing the Rough Draft
A 5 paragraph essay consists of introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Sometimes, a more complex topic may have additional body paragraphs. Still, the format remains the same.

Writing the 5 Paragraph Essay Introduction

In most cases, the introduction presents the topic of the piece and its thesis statement. The thesis statement may be an opinion, a perspective, or an introduction of information to be presented. In a nutshell, in this section the writer presents a brief overview of the paper.
The beginning of the introduction should grab the reader’s attention which can be accomplished in various ways. The use of simple bold statement, quote, or brief story is often effective. The thesis statement should come at some point but not necessarily in the first sentence. Remember that the goal is to establish interest on the readers and convince them to continue on reading the paper.

Body Paragraphs of 5 Paragraph Essay Writing

Each body paragraph should address one sub-topic which is established during the organization phase of the process. The order in which the paragraphs occur depends on the type of essay being produced. For example, if one is writing a persuasive work, the most compelling argument should be presented in the first body paragraph. On the other hand, if a contrast is addressed, the most important difference should be addressed first. In explanatory or narrative essays, the body paragraphs should be organized in a sequential fashion. Again, dependent upon the nature of the topic, there may be more than 3 body paragraphs.
Each body paragraph in 5 paragraph essay writing should contain a topic sentence. In most cases, the topic sentence is placed in the first sentence of the paragraph. However, placing it elsewhere can make the paper more interesting. Aside from this element, effective transition is also important. It should be applied at the end of one paragraph or at the beginning of the succeeding paragraph. Essentially, effective transition provides smooth flow to a piece of writing.

Conclusions for Five Paragraph Essay Writing

In this section, the writer provides the brief summary of the information presented in the body paragraphs. Similar to the introduction section, the conclusion should not be dull. This section should be used to drive home the points made earlier in the paper. Through the use of some creativity and compelling language, the paper could leave a strong mark on the readers.
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