The Importance of the University Admission Essay

In addition to other applicant materials that must be completed, most universities and colleges require prospective students to submit an admission essay. Students applying for scholarships are also asked to submit an admission essay. In some cases, college admission essay is open ended and the student may write about anything he or she believes will impress the admissions committee. However, in most cases, the prospective student is assigned with specific question or he or she is asked to pick from a limited selection of essay prompts. In either case, students should use the college admission essay as an opportunity to reveal positive personal traits that might not be evident in other parts of the application essay. Here are some tips for submitting the best college admission essay possible:
  • If the prospective student is already assigned with an essay question, he or she should jot down some main points that are related to the topic. These notes are useful in creating the final draft.
  • Admission essay writing takes time. Students should treat it as an important comittment and not a task that can be completed anytime. They should avoid external distractions and focus only on the essay.
  • Admission essay writing is very personal. The readers should walk away feeling as if they know the author on a more intimate level. Do not be afraid to reveal past experiences and to convey emotional responses to life experiences.
  • Students should consider the college of their choice. Does the university value public service? Is athletics important? Does the college require that the students have spiritual development and/or personal philosophy traits? The essay should provide assurance that the student will appropriately fit in the university community.
  • Students should ask others for input. Teachers, friends, and even accounts from old diaries and journals can offer good ideas for admission essay writing. Therefore, students should make a list of mentors and approach them for ideas.
  • Students should pay attention to the formatting requirements. This detail is usually overlooked by most students. Applying proper formatting demonstrates students’ keen attention to details and ability to follow instructions. Failure to follow instructions on font size and spacing may cause the essay to be thrown out before it is even read.
  • Students should not be afraid to use humor. It makes the essay much more enjoyable for the readers. However, they should avoid the over use of sarcasm. It should go without saying that double meaning jokes have no place in any college admission essay. Effective essay engages the reader throughout without the use of obtuse statements.
  • Students should pay particular attention to the introduction since it provides the first impression of the essay. The introduction should be creatively designed and attention-grabbing. If students lack the ability to compel the readers in this section, they should ask assistance regarding this critical component.
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