Producing Quality Papers Using the AMA Essay Format

The AMA essay format is based on the AMA Manual of Style which was published by the Oxford Press. Initially, the AMA essay format was specifically created for written works that were to be included in medical journals. The goal was to provide internal standards to professionals who were writing for the Journal of the American Medical Association. However, since its inception, the AMA essay format has expanded in scope and is now a widely accepted format for writing medical papers for all kinds of media. Like other writing styles, the AMA format continues to evolve, making it difficult to keep up with the latest AMA format updates.

One of the most complicated AMA format rules involves AMA format bibliography citations. For example, the AMA format bibliography rules are different for books that have one author and those with multiple authors. Moreover, there are separate specifications for every type of cited resource, which include journal articles, dissertations, lecture notes, and online sources among others. The complexity in the area of AMA format bibliography, along with other rules regarding AMA essay formatting, can make creating a medical essay, paper or presentation for coursework and/or publication very difficult. This is also true even among highly respected medical researchers, and because the field itself is so proprietary, a person’s reputation can be damaged if it is believed that he/she has not properly cited his/her sources in an academic paper. It is very important, therefore, to proceed with caution when required to produce an AMA essay, paper, or presentation without any outside support.

In line with what has been mentioned above, one should consider these important suggestions that will help in the creation of an acceptable and effective AMA-style paper:

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  • Purchase the official AMA essay style guide and practice writing multiple papers until the style has been fully mastered. Pay particular attention to the AMA format bibliography guidelines for these continually change.
  • Seek outside tutorial instruction on the “ins and outs” of the AMA format.
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