Writing an Intelligent Literary Analysis Essay

An analysis essay can be based on a work of literature, fiction or non-fiction. As such, the analysis essay may focus on the entire work or it may focus on one particular characteristic. Depending on the assignment, the analysis essay might require the writer to evaluate the work of literature in addition to analyzing it. The first step of writing a literary analysis essay is to read the written work and then to pull out details for further analysis. One way to accomplish this is by creating categories and then finding elements in the written work that fit into those categories. Such categorization results to analysis essay outline. It is usually best to look at the literature itself so as to determine the possible useful categories.

However, here is a list of categories that generally work well for most types of analysis essay writing:

  • Elements in the work of literature that use imagery
  • Use of dialogue to further character development
  • Use of subplot to support a socio-political point of view
  • Use of literary devices to evoke emotion from the readers
  • Opinions, concepts, and philosophical points made by the author
  • Biases of the author
These are just some of the categories helpful to the writer in coming up with possible topics for analysis essay writing. The literary analysis essay is not limited only to narratives. Essays, journal articles, plays, and poems are also full of topics for analysis essay writing and are the subject of frequent assignments by professors. As with any other type of essay, analysis essay writing has rules related to form and format which must be followed. Once the work has been read and the analysis essay outline has been created, the writer must consider the neccessary elements of the introductory paragraph and the thesis. The introductory paragraph should be based on one of the elements in the analysis essay outline.

The introductory paragraph should contain the following three things:

  1.  Several sentences indicating what the topics for the analysis essay are
  2.  The title and author of the work being analyzed
  3.  The thesis statement
The thesis statement, as part of analysis essay writing, should represent the writer’s conclusion about the work in its entirety or about a certain aspect of the work. There is no right or wrong thesis in a literary analysis essay; however, the thesis must be strongly supported by the succeeding paragraphs. The body of the essay should fully support the thesis of the introductory paragraph. Each paragraph in the body of the essay should follow the standard format of defining a main idea and then providing detailed points supporting that main idea.Hopefully, these tips on how to write an analysis essay will be a valuable resource to students. To learn more about how to write an analysis essay, the use of a writing service is advised. With that said, BestEssayWriting.org offers many examples of analysis essays and students are welcome to access those that are directly related to their specific assignment. In addition to this, our writers can take any work of literature depending on the students’ preference and write a custom-made analysis essay based on that work. Our writers are professionals who know how to write an analysis essay that surely impress even the most discerning instructors and professors.