Creating a Memorable and Compelling Application Essay

Every year, universities and colleges receive hundreds, even thousands, of admission applications. These packets of applicant information include grades, attendance records, test scores, extra-curricular activities, honors, awards, and more. Too frequently, each student begins to look more and more like the next, with comparable GPAs, test scores, and non-academic activity. When all else is the same, there is one chance for students to rise above all and distinguish themselves and this is by presenting exceptionally written application essay. A mediocre or dull application essay, on the other hand, can result in a rejection letter or the ever-frustrating placement on a waiting list. Since the application essay is so important, no chances should be taken in its production. The following helpful application essay tips should provide some solid guidelines for any student facing this challenge:

Application Essay Format

While one might consider this as a minor factor, the first glance that the admission will have of the essay is very crucial. If specific fonts and margins are a part of the application essay format instructions, then they must be followed without exception. If no font or margin requirements are provided, one should use a standard format rather than informal one in an attempt to gain attention. Font choice, quite frankly, is not the place to become creative.

Standard application essay format also relates to organizational structure. Just as in the standard essay for any course, there should be a compelling, engaging introduction, introducing the topic and perhaps using a quote, anecdote, or a short mildly shocking statement. The body paragraphs should relate directly to the topic, each with a sub-topic and a solid transition to the next paragraph. A conclusion should re-state the thesis in different terms and provide repetition of the key compelling points that promote the candidate. Given that application essay prompts are usually provided, moreover, use of the first person is often appropriate.

Additional Application Essay Tips

1. If adequate research has been completed relative to the university to which one is applying, there should be a general idea of the ideal candidate for admission.
If the candidate is lucky enough to have the option to select a topic of his/her own, every effort should be made to showcase those qualities and experiences which directly relate to the academic community of the institution.
2. If an application essay prompt is provided, one should be certain that the essay produced strictly adheres to the prompt provided.
With that in mind, veering from the established topic will be fatal.
3. Carefully study the applicant materials that will be presented along with the essay
If there is any potential “negative” attempt to counteract that negative within the context of the essay. If, for example, there is one semester during which grades fell a bit, attempt to provide an explanation.
4. Grammar, style, and language usage must be impeccable, and if there is any uncertainty, a professional should be consulted.
5. Creative presentation can set an essay apart from others.
If an applicant is not particularly creative, again, s/he should find someone who is.Application essay writing is somewhat unique. Unlike other types of essays, application essay writing uses a natural even conversational writing style. Some good application essay tips include writing the essay as if you are telling a story to a close friend and avoiding too long and complex words, phrases, and sentences that would not work naturally in conversation.

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