Argumentative Essay Writing – Persuading Your Audience

The first step in argumentative essay writing is topic selection. There is no limit to the number of potentially interesting argumentative essay topics. However, it is important to limit yourself to argumentative essay topics which you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Once the selection of argumentative essay topics has been narrowed down to one, it is time to construct the argumentative statement. When this statement is written, you must take care to ensure that you are not making an overly general declaration. Succesful argumentative essay writing should address the subject topic as detailed as possible. Most often than not, students do not have the freedom to choose from various essay topics since instructor or professor provides the topic or options for topics within a more generalized subject field. In these situations, the essay must be produced well, even if some of the students do not have particular passion for the argumentative essay topics provided.

How to write Argumentative Essay Works – Good Argument Statements Vs. Bad

  • Freedom of press should be limited.
  • This is not a good argument statement. It is so general that it is almost meaningless.
  • In times of war, national security should trump free press.
  • This is a better argument statement. The writer can use detailed arguments to affirm this assertion.
  • Dogs are more adorable than kittens.
  • This argument statement relies on opinions and emotions as “proof”, and cannot be proven true or false using facts.
  • Cats are a better choice of pet than dogs for busy households.
  • The writer can provide evidence supporting and opposing this assertion.

The argumentative essay format can vary. However, as one learns how to write argumentative essay pieces, s/he will understand that certain elements must always be present. The argumentative essay format must always contain an introductory paragraph. This paragraph should contain the argument statement, which becomes the thesis for the entire piece. If the essay is about a written work, the introductory paragraph should also contain the title and author of the work. In addition to this, the argumentative essay format should contain a couple of paragraphs of supporting arguments. To provide balance, it is also important to include a paragraph or two of counter arguments and to dispense these arguments as best as possible.

A big part of learning how to write argumentative essay is writing the proper conclusion. This section actually has two concluding paragraphs. The first is a summation of arguments and counter arguments. Both arguments and counter arguments should be given equal time. Ignoring a valid counter argument does not make the essay more credible. Instead, it insults the reader and causes the writer to lose credibility. The second is the author’s analysis. This is where the author concludes that the argument made in the introductory statement has been proven to be both factual and compelling. This is also the place in the essay where the reader needs to be convinced that the conclusion drawn is meaningful. The reader should walk away from the essay persuaded in favor of the author’s argument.

Argumentative essays are frequently written on subjects that evoke a lot of emotion. The writer should stick to the facts and should not be affected by these emotions. In addition to proof reading for sentence structure, spelling, and grammatical errors, the writer should proof read for emotionally charged language. Look at the adjectives used to describe opinions and the people who hold those opinions. If you see a lot of emotionally based adjectives, it might be a good idea to revise them.

Many students abhor argumentative essay writing because they lack confidence in their abilities to press an argument successfully. understands these concerns and stands ready to assist students with argumentative essay topics in any content field. Whether you need to study examples of exceptionally written argumentative essays or prefer a custom-written piece, we offer the assistance you need.