An Introduction to The Assessment Essay

The assesment essay is written to provide a critical analysis of another person or a work produced by another person. A common subject of an assesment essay is a written work. Reading an essay, article, or piece of literature in an analytical manner is different than reading for pleasure or edification. An analytical reading requires that the reader constantly question what he or she is reading. It also means that the reader should look for inconsistencies.

Questions to ask before beginning the critical assesment essay are as follows:

  • What point is the author attempting to make?
  • Is the author being honest in presenting his case?
  • Are there valid counter arguments?
  • Is the author avoiding addressing these counter arguments?
  • Is the work readable and easy to follow?
  • Does the author rely on long words and technical jargon as a means of obfuscation?
  • Has the author presented his or her case with sufficient detail?
  • What biases might the author have?
  • Are arguments based upon fact and logic as opposed to emotion?
An essay on assessment that is based on the work of a peer is also a common assignment and the above-mentioned questions should provide the basis for such an analysis as well. Often, such an assessment is based upon the peer’s use of class content and materials. Is it presented accurately and without emotional bias? Is the point of view valid? The assessment essay as well must be accurately based upon factual information.The best way to get started on the critical assesment essay is to read paragraph introductions, captions, bullet points, the introductory paragraph, and the conclusion. Ask yourself if anything you have read answers some of the questions above. This is also a good point in the critical assesment essay process to write down additional questions that may become part of the assessment.

The next step before you begin writing the essay on assesment is a thorough reading of the work. Take note of things that you might include in your essay on assesment that both support and argue against the author’s points. Continue looking to the questions you have written down as guidance. The best essay assessment sample will be based on questions that have been posed by a curious reader. It is also a good idea to write a paragraph or two restating the author’s points in your own words. This will enhance your understanding of the author’s point of view.

When you are ready to write your essay on assessment, you must first consolidate your thoughts into a solid thesis statement that will form the basis for your introduction. The thesis statement is often difficult because the writer must provide a generalized assessment in an extremely succinct manner. The remainder of the essay must support your assessment with logical and thoughtful use of information and persuasion.

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