Book Essay Writing

If you are assigned to write an essay on book review and is unsure about the best way to develop the specific assignment for that review, the following tips and guidelines would assist you.

Book Essay Writing for Fiction

This assignment varies in nature and purpose, depending on the professor’s instructions. A comprehensive book review requires development of a plot summary, major characters, and themes. On the other hand, an assignment may focus on one aspect of the novel in which case, the development of a specific aspect that comprises the entire piece. The following provide a “blueprint” for an essay on book of fiction:

1. Plot
In a novel, there may be a main plot and one or more sub-plots. The main plot summary should include a statement of the conflict(s), a summation of the rising action, and of course, the climax and denouement. Within this summary, setting (time and place) should also be noted. Sub-plots may be addressed in additional paragraphs, along with statements regarding their relationship to the main plot.

2. Characters 
Character development requires some personal reflection and the ability to see the complexities usually found in the personalities and behaviors of the main characters present in the novel. It is important to do more than simply “tell” the reader about a character. The writer must “show” those character traits through specific examples of statements and behaviors taken from the work.

3. Themes
A student may be asked to address a single theme or in the cases of complex works, multiple themes. In either way, a theme should be developed by an initial clear statement followed by events, character behaviors and statements, and situations that support the theme. Again, book essay writing that addresses themes requires “showing,” not “telling” if the piece is to effectively convince a reader.

Essay on Book of Non-Fiction

Reading non-fiction works related to a course is a typical college assignment. While a course text may suffice for general course objectives, a professor often requires “outside” reading, either by assigning specific books or providing a list from which a student may choose. The essay on book assignment should demonstrate that the student has, indeed, read the work and understands what he or she has read. While a non-fiction work may not have a plot and characters, it, nevertheless, has specific facets that must be addressed in an essay.

1. Focus of the work
The author of a non-fiction work aims to inform, explain, persuade, or provide depth relative to events, phenomena, conditions, etc. A review must begin with general statements and a summation in relation to this focus.

2. Theme(s)
Authors of non-fiction do posit themes and it is important to “pull” those themes and to state them clearly, supported by specific passages from the work.

3. Perspective
All authors have perspectives that relate to their themes. If, for example, an author who is politically liberal is to write a work on the war in Iraq, he or she may focus on the terrible cost of the war in terms of actual expenditures of tax dollars and human life. The author may pursue a theme on “waste” and futility of the endeavor. A conservative author, on the other hand, may choose to discuss the necessity of promoting democracy and defeating “terrorism.” Another author might focus on the “military-industrial” complex or the money to be made by American corporations during wartime. The recent book, Shock Doctrine, is a primary example of such a perspective.

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