How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Works

Cause and effect essay writing seeks to determine what triggers events to occur and how causes actually result in specific effects. Cause and effect essay writing aims to understand the chain reaction that predominates. One part of learning how to write cause and effect essay is understanding that there can be multiple causes for an event and varying effects from that same event. Another part of learning how to write cause and effect essay is understanding the differences between causes and effects. Finally, the author must understand the difference between correllation and causation before they begin cause and effect essay writing.

Adressing the issue of Correllation vs. Causation

Occasionally, an event or a series of events may seem to have a certain element(s) in common. For example, research may determine that most bank robberies occur on Wednesday. This does not mean that Wednesday causes bank robberies. This simply means that there is a correlation between Wednesday and the higher rate of bank robberies. Now, a further analysis might reveal that Wednesday is the day in which armored cars deliver large amounts of money to most banks. This can still be not considered as evidence of causation. Without further analysis, there is still no basis for a cause and effect essay thesis. However, if it is proven that bank robbers who commit Wednesday robberies do the crime because they know about the large money drops on that day, then that can be considered as an evidence of causation. This is an acceptable basis for a cause and effect essay thesis.Depending upon environmental factors, the effects of an event might vary. For example, the appropriate cause and effect thesis of the effect of a low pressure system might be a tropical storm. If other environmental factors are in place, the effect of a low pressure system might be a hurricane.

If a student is given the choice to pick any cause and effect essay topics, it is important to select a topic about which there is interest, even passion. Historical events can be mined for a huge selection of cause and effect essay topics; current events are another vast source of possible cause and effect essay topics. Some other cause/effect essay topics might include:

  • The effects of noise polution on property values
  • The effects of divorce on adolescents
  • The effects of the deregulation of the utility industry
  • The effects of overuse of pesticides on new, resistant organisms
Once a topic is selected, it is time to start with the cause and effect essay outline. Unless an instructor has given specific instructions, the cause and effect essay can be formatted in the way the writer determines to be the best. The structural format is organized by the cause and effect outline, and it will require some careful thought to construct an outline to demonstrate the cause-effect relationship of the topic. The cause and effect essay outline should contain your main idea, or thesis, and each following point should support the relationship you are positing.Once the outline is in place, it serves as the skeleton for the piece. The first cause and effect paragraph is obviously the introduction, and it is within this paragraph that the thesis statement posits the cause-effect relationship to be demonstrated. Each cause and effect essay paragraph that follows will provide sub-topics of evidence that prove the relationship. The conclusion should remind the reader of the relationship and equivocally state that the relationship has been proven.

The critical thinking that is involved in seeing cause and effect relationships is a critical one for a huge variety of professional work – medicine, science, technology, psychology, history, political science, etc. Therefore, students can expect to find cause and effect essay writing in almost any course. is here to assist students with essay writing on all cause and effect essay topics. Whether you need essay examples to use as a guide or you need an original essay produced by one of our topic-specific experts, these are all offered by our writing service.