Help with a Chicago Style Essay

The Chicago style essay is based on a writing format that was created in 1891 by the staff members of the University of Chicago Press. The need for a Chicago style essay was born out of necessity. Back then, the typesetters, proofreaders, and other staff members were so overwhelmed with the scientific material which they were expected to typeset and edit along with the complex fonts presented to them. In this regard, they decided to produce a style sheet which evolved into the manual that exists today. The manual outlines how to properly create and format a Chicago style essay.

Who needs to produce a Chicago format paper today?

Unlike the other essay formats that might be specific to a certain profession or field of study, the ability to produce a Chicago format paper is pretty much the “gold standard” for anyone who is producing papers in the English language. Many instructors and professors in traditional and long-standing institutions of higher learning require the Chicago format due to tradition. The students need to understand that Chicago format paper has specific rules, and many of these rules deal with the proper citation of resources. This makes the understanding of the Chicago bibliography format so important.

What are some of the elements required for Chicago essay writing?

  • The inclusion of title page is optional. Ask the instructors about their preference before proceeding with Chicago essay writing.
  • If a title page is required, refer to the style guide for rules about titles, subtitles, margins, capitalization, etc. These are all important parts of a successful Chicago essay writing.
  • Footnotes should be numbered sequentially throughout the essay.
  • Follow the Chicago bibliography format rules carefully. Higher education places a great level of importance on the ability of the students to properly produce a Chicago bibliography format. The papers without a correct Chicago bibliography format are generally deemed unacceptable.
  • Learn the rules of capitalization set by the University of Chicago Press. The rules about this are different from other essay formats.

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