Using the College Entrance Essay to “Seal the Deal”

The college entrance essay is the chance for a high school student to stand out among all other applicants. In fact, on more than one occasion, a well written college entrance essay has earned a student with an admission to a college. This would have been out of his or her grasp if the decision had been based on academic performance. College entrance essay writing generating positive results takes time and commitment, honest self-assessment, and the skill to turn the positive aspects of oneself into an entertaining and compelling written work.

College essay writing step one – Getting to know yourself

The student should begin by asking him or herself what personal qualities he/she has that would be desireable to the college. Then, begin the college essay writing process by listing these qualities and the life experiences that demonstrate how these qualities were developed or how those qualities have been demonstrated.

Here are a few examples:

  • I care about members of my community who are in need.
  • After my parents got divorced, we had to live in a shelter for a while. It made me understand that homelessness can happen to anyone. I helped to start a ‘Room at The Inn’ program at my local church.
  • I created a program through a club at my high school where industrial arts students did home repairs for the disabled.
  • I volunteered for a “Meals on Wheels” program and met a woman who became a big influence in my life.
  • I am personally driven and have a strong entreprenurial spirit.
  • I was a group leader in Junior Achievement.
  • When I was in middle school, I created a business selling homemade bread. I sold my bread at a weekly farmer’s market and even created a website where my customers could place orders.
  • I demonstrate my love for my country every day in many ways.
  • I volunteer five hours every week to maintain the landscaping outside of a local veterans hall.
  • I read to disabled veterans who are in a nursing home near my school.
  • I joined the National Guard reserves and helped my community after a natural disaster.

These bullet points are a great starting point when planning the college entrance essay format. The college entrance essay format does not have a standard format. Therefore, it is up to the writer to develop his or her own college entrance essay format that best represents what he or she wants to convey to the admissions staff. It is best to start with the personal trait and then build on that trait using the subpoints in the outline.The structure of the college entrance essay follows the general structure of all essays. An opening introductory paragraph must immediately engage the reader and convey that this is the candidate whom he or she wishes to know more about. Body paragraphs must each provide a characteristic or quality to be presented with specific detail, such as shown above.

Sometimes, a college entrance essay must be written in response to a prompt given by the admissions department. If this is the case, be certain that your essay focuses only on that prompt and at the same time, promotes you as a unique individual who can bring value to the academic community.

Hopefully, this article has provided some solid tips on how to write a college entrance essay. There may be situations, however, in which a student still feels unsure about how to write a college entrance essay. In these cases, it is a good idea to use our professional writing service. We have professional writers available, with years of experience, who understand how to write a college essay. These professionals will take your personal information and create an exceptional picture of your outstanding qualities and value. Contact and discuss your college entrance essay needs.