College Level Critical Essay Writing

Critical essay writing does not mean writing a negative essay. In fact, the writer of a critical analysis essay can be entirely positive about the subject on which he or she is writing. Critical essay writing, at its core, involves critical thinking, and, in fact, some people refer to this type of essay as a critical thinking essay. It means that the writer reads an article with the purpose of evaluating that article as opposed to reading it for pleasure or information. It can take some time to develop these skills but the critical thinking skills that result from such activities are priceless and fully transferable into a career.

As the phrase implies, a critical analysis essay begins with analysis. This means that the work must be read thoroughly. As the essayist reviews the reading, he or she should be asking questions. The quality of the writing must be judged, the accuracy of the data must be weighed, and the inconsistencies must be investigated. The next step is the making of a critical analysis essay outline.

The critical analysis essay outline should contain brief sentences that cover the following:

  • A main idea statement that takes the viewpoint of the original writer into account
  • A list of facts that the original writer has asserted
  • The supporting ideas that the original writer has used to bolster his assertions
  • The value judgments the author has made, either directly or through insinuation
  • What actions proposed and/or conclusions the author has drawn
The second portion of the critical analysis essay outline should contain the essayist’s opinions and judgments:

Some bullet points about the essayist’s opinions on the author’s work include:

  • accuracy of facts
  • completeness of information
  • consistency or lack thereof
  • logic of conclusions
Once the outline is complete, the essayist can begin writing the first draft of the critical thinking essay. The first draft of the critical thinking essay simply involves expanding the outline into sentences and paragraphs. Then, it is time for the essayist to review his or her own work with a critical eye. Is the critical analysis essay complete? One of the best tests is to ask another to provide his or her own critical review of the critical thinking essay produced.Now that the basic facts about a critical analysis essay have been discussed, it is a good time to explore potential critical analysis topics. The potential is unlimited, if one has the freedom of topic selection. If the topic or work to be reviewed is predetermined by the instructor however, the choice is obviously limited. Some people may wish to use an essay writing website to get topic ideas or even to purchase critical analysis essays. A website such as is available for students who need assistance in writing college level essays. offers critical analysis essay works on virtually any topic, along with all other types of academic writing. These essays are written by professionals and are certainly reasonably priced, considering the academic background and the experience of our writers. When one considers the importance of college grades and the value of the time of the busy college student, it is really a great deal. For students who wish to write a critical essay without outside help, they simply need to look to anything that inspires them as a topic for their essays. For others, samples and/or fully original essays are available at