Definition Essay Writing

Although a definition essay is common in English courses, it can also be assigned in almost any other academic discipline. Generally, a definition type essay at the secondary level may relate to more concrete terms but as students move into university study, definition essays relating to more difficult, concrete, and abstract terms will be assigned.
Definition essay writing at the university level appears in virtually any coursework. In the Biological Sciences, for example, students may be asked to define protists or viruses and to differentiate among these micro biotic organisms. In Sociology, students may be assigned with a definition essay related to poverty; in a Law course, the assignment may relate to defining common law or law by precedent, and in Political Science, one may write a definition essay regarding democracy or socialism.
One of the most effective methods to develop a definition essay is to use examples or anecdotal narratives to enhance the definition that you are positing. Overall, in order to properly develop such an essay, body paragraphs must each relate to an aspect of the term or concept that is defined.
There is a generally acceptable method of producing the definition essay. We are happy to provide important tips to students who may be struggling with them.


The introduction should obviously state the term/concept to be defined and provide a starting definition, perhaps taken from a dictionary or text materials read. Your purpose for the essay is to enhance and expand upon this definition in order to clarify its components for the reader.

Body Paragraphs

Pre-writing organization and possibly some research are required to produce a coherent and compelling body for a definition type essay. From what you have read or experienced, analyze the components of the term or concept, breaking it down into important components. Each the components should comprise a paragraph. If one is preparing a definition type essay on democracy, for example, s/he might wish to examine the concepts of “of the people”, “by the people”, and “for the people”. Providing interest by personal experiences with each of these terms may be an appropriate method of body paragraph development. In addition, definition essay might discuss the many forms of democracy such as the democratic monarchy that is enjoyed by Great Britain, the presidential/republican form of the U.S., or direct democracy such as that in ancient Athens. The author must determine the facets of the definition and then organize body paragraphs based upon them.


The conclusion for a definition essay must summarize the points of the body paragraphs, providing a generalized summary of the points made for a clear and comprehensive definition.

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