An Economics Essay Can be Challenging!

Unless one is pursuing a degree in the discipline, an economics course is a difficult and often dreaded part of basic course requirements. Producing an economics essay, therefore, can be a daunting and intimidating task.

Economics essay writing may take many forms because there are as many purposes for these essays as there are for essays in any other content area.

1. Inform, Explain, Describe
A student may be asked to research a specific topic or economic theory and prepare an explanatory or informational essay. An example would be an economics essay explaining the theories of John Maynard Keynes or defining macroeconomics.

2. Application 
Another economics essay assignment might require a student to apply a particular economic theory to a contemporary situation or policy. For example, a student might be asked to elaborate on “market failure” and apply that definition to a current example.

3. Cause/Effect
This is perhaps the most common economics essay writing topic, for it requires students to research favorable or unfavorable fiscal/financial situations and to explain the causes for that phenomenon. Explaining the causes of the current fiscal crisis in Europe or within a specific European country is a popular current topic for economic essays.

4. Comparison/Contrast 
This type of essay requires the student to reflect upon the similarities and/or differences of two or more economic theories, policies, or practices. Such an essay might, for example, ask students to contrast the economic “solutions” posed by Republicans and Democrats to maintain a stable economy in the U.S.

5. Opinion 
These are difficult essays for they require a solid understanding of current economic situation or problem and a thoughtful and carefully developed opinion, based upon the specific assignment. Such an economics essay writing assignment might, for example, ask the student to provide three moves that a government should take to resolve an economic crisis or downturn.

6. Evaluation/Judgment
This type of economics essay will, again, require both an understanding of economic theory, policy, or practice to evaluate its effectiveness or lack thereof. For example, such an essay topic might be a question; “what is a good investment climate?” or assessment; “evaluate the Ryan budget with respect to its impact on poverty in the United States?”

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