An Advantages Disadvantages Essay can be More Easily Accomplished with Solid Organization

Issues and courses of action have advantages and disadvantages. When we attempt to make choices about purchases, vacation destinations, home purchases, investments, and even critical things such as a major field of study in college, we always weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making that decision. When we wish to establish an informed opinion regarding an issue, such as choosing between two candidates for office, we often consider the advantages and disadvantages of placing each of them in that position of leadership. The ability to accurately and thoughtfully consider advantages and disadvantages is important in life and the practice for this ability comes in writing advantages disadvantages essay assignments.

Writing Essay Advantages and Disadvantages

The key to writing an academically-sound advantages and disadvantages essay is careful organization. The most effective method is to divide a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. In one column place the advantages of a particular decision/choice/issue and on the other half, the disadvantages. This will form the basis in which you will construct your body paragraphs. Try to consolidate advantages and disadvantages into 3-4 major points and number them in order of importance.As the body paragraphs are constructed, be certain to place the most important essay advantages first and follow in descending order of importance so as to make a more compelling essay. As you address the disadvantages, make sure to demonstrate that the essay advantages outweigh them. Failing to do so will result to essay that lacks credibility.

Overall, the essay advantages and disadvantages must demonstrate that you have used logical and careful thought in coming to a conclusion that naturally flows from the information you have provided. While there may be no right or wrong choice or decision, the method by which you arrived at your decision is the standard by which your piece will be evaluated. Can Help

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