Give Credit Where Credit is Due: The Essay Bibliography Format

Properly crediting the sources one uses in writing essays and research papers is one of the most important things in doing a paper written at the college level. Professors and college instructors may be forgiving about a number of things, but a missing reference or an incorrect essay bibliography format is not one of them. In fact, this is a matter that goes beyond grades because adhering to the proper essay bibliography format pays respect to the research and intellectual discoveries of others. An essay bibliography format that lacks proper citations or that is poorly formatted is dismissive and disrespectful. In fact, the end result may lead to accusations of academic dishonesty or even plagiarism. For students just starting in college, this may seem to be an extreme reaction to what is likely an innocent mistake. However, that perspective changes when it is one’s own work that is being used without credit. It is also then that proper work cited formatting takes on a new meaning. This is why it is so important that students know what should be in a bibliography.

In line with this, one should first learn how to use footnotes and in-text citations. There are some basic rules regarding how to use footnotes and in-text citations that apply in many situations. However, the details on how to use footnotes and in-text citations can vary. There are different essay format styles, and each one has a slightly different take on how to use footnotes and in-text citations. In many cases, the best way to learn how to properly use them is to study the writing style that is being used and to visit websites like where one can download sample essays that use footnotes or in-text citations.

Every essay completed at the college level is going to need a bibliography section. However, like footnotes, the specifically required elements present in this section can vary.

What should be in a bibliography?

  • Annotations often written in paragraph form (for more information, see
  • Bibliographic information that includes author, publication date, and page numbers
  • A good essay bibliography example can be found at

Proper work cited formatting is very important. However, the definition of proper work cited formatting might differ for a humanities student compared to a law student. With this in mind, downloading an essay bibliography example from is a great way to ensure that one uses work cited formatting that adheres to the instructor’s writing style.

I don’t want to be accused of cheating. I want to maintain a good reputation. How can I be sure I’m doing this right?

The website has an essay bibliography example available for download that covers any situation a college student might come across with. Each essay bibliography example is professionally written by a writer with an advanced degree in the subject at hand. We can give students the assurance that the writers we employ understand what should be in a bibliography.

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