Building the Point of View in the Essay Body

While the introduction section of an essay is important in outlining the main ideas and setting the tone, the essay body is also important. The essay body gives the writer the opportunity to do several things. Particularly, the essay body gives the writer the chance to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the subject, passion for the points being made, creativity, analytical skills, and ability to write while conforming to the particular writing style indicated by the instructor, academic subject area, or type of essay.

Where can a college student go wrong when writing the body of an essay?

The body of an essay is the largest portion of an essay. Therefore, the body of an essay has the heaviest weight when calculating the final grade. It makes up the largest portion in the computation of the final grade since the body of an essay reflects subject knowledge more than any part of the essay. However, this does not mean that the introduction, conclusion, bibliography, or other references are less important.

What are the parts of the body of an essay?

The body of an essay includes several elements. The specifics of what the body of an essay includes can be somewhat variable. The formal variables impacting the body of an essay includes the subject matter, course of study, writing style, and the number of subtopics which must be included in order to make the essay effective. The informal variables influencing the body of an essay includes the student’s personal writing style and how the student has decided to pursue the particular topic. For example, a passionately written essay will be stylistically different from a fact-based analytical essay.

In spite of this, the essay body paragraphs generally contain a few required elements.


  • The transition idea that links each of the essay body paragraphs
  • This element ensures continuity among the essay body paragraphs.
  • The topic sentences that are essentially the main ideas of the essay body paragraphs.
  • The support
  • This element gives the writer the opportunity to truly support his or her arguments or points and is considered as one of the most important parts of an essay. Are there enough details to support the topic sentence?
  • The closing sentence
  • This element sums up the idea of the essay body paragraph


How can a college student improve essay body writing skills?

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