Essay Formats Should not Impact Your Grades!

Grades on essays and research papers can be lowered by “technicalities”, because some instructors and professors are just that adamant about such things as spacing, indentations, margins, title page set-ups, and, of course, those all-important in-txt and end-of-text citations. All of these things are determined by the essay formats that are specified by either course instructors of, at times, entire institutions. Actually, institution-wide consistency is less stressful for students, because there is only one format style to learn, practice, and use. This consistency is not common, however, so most students will be forced to use several different essay formatsduring their academic careers. has put together this page to give students important information about each of the essay formats typically used in high schools and colleges. It includes such things as margin and spacing requirements, types of title pages, headers, pagination, and, probably most difficult to implement, the methods by which references are cited, both within and at the end of the text.

List of essay formats and guidelines to each:

Citing references really varies among essay formats, and students must be very careful as they insert these items. Even within the same format, moreover, different types of resources must be cited differently. There will typically be a unique method for books (varying again by the number of authors), journal articles, lecture notes, theses and dissertations, and, most recently, web-based sources.

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