Writing the Ideal Essay Introduction

At college level, writing an essay introduction can be a much more complicated process than writing a high school essay introduction. At high school level, the only requirements are that the essay introduction should be grammatically correct and that it properly lays out the points that will be further detailed after the essay introduction. In college, the expectations on how to write an essay introduction are much higher and will require greater complexity as well as some creativity. There will also be factors related to the type of essay along with the preferences of the professor.

How can writing styles impact essay introduction writing?

There are many styles of writing essays and research papers. These include, but are not limited to, Chicago style essays, AMA style essays, MLA style essays, and Turabian essays. Each particular essay format has rules that may affect essay introduction writing. Some of the rules are style-based and might include: the use of the proper font style and font size, margins, double or single spacing, and rules of capitalization. Each of these rules has an impact on the essay introduction writing structure, although not necessarily the style and content.

Where can I learn how to write essay introduction?

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How important is an essay introduction? Isn’t it just a paragraph?

Just like the introduction to a song, the introduction to an essay is the best chance to capture the interest of the reader and to set the tone of the essay. A poorly written introduction can result in a poor grade no matter how well-written the rest of the essay is. This is because first impressions are always important to professors. Consider each essay introduction sample below for an essay on the topic “Presidential Candidates and Poverty in America:”Poverty is becoming a big problem in the United States where many people are out of work and losing their homes. The welfare rolls are swelling with people in need of food stamps, health care, and housing help. More government money is now spent on relieving poverty situations. Looking at the various plans of our candidates to solve this problem would be a good idea before going into a voting booth this November.

Fourteen million children go to bed hungry each night; 45 million people do not have good health care; and 20 million families are living in government-subsidized housing or are homeless. If this sounds like some third-world African nation, it should. Unfortunately, however, these conditions exist in the United States today. How did we get to this state, and more importantly, which of our two candidates for presidency have better long-term solutions to these problems?

The second introduction actually grabs the reader’s attention far more than the first. Both introduce the topic effectively; however, the author of the second was a bit more creative, presenting the reader with some pretty shocking statistics. The first introduction would be a good one for a high school essay. By the time one is in college, however, more compelling introductions are expected!

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