Essay Outline

Types of Essay Assignments: Narrative, Descriptive, Explanatory, Personal Experience, Persuasive, Admissions, Classification, Comparison/Contrast, Critical Evaluation, Deductive, Definition, Literary, Reflective, Analysis.

When you are assigned with writing any type of essay or research paper, the best graphic organizer is an essay outline. For all intents and purposes, a standard essay outline template contains information that teaches how to write an essay outline. The point is this: writing an essay outline organizes your thoughts and your process so that the final product is coherent and logical in its flow.

1. Title

The title should convey the essay or paper’s purpose and the breadth and depth of the content. The biggest mistake made by students in selecting a topic is that it is too narrow or too broad for the instructor’s requirements. Once the topic is deemed appropriate, creating the title should easily follow. This is an area where a student may be a bit creative because an eye-catching title will interest a reader. While a tiny part of the essay outline, the title is, nevertheless, crucially important.

2. Table of Contents

A table of contents is generally required for lengthy, complex works such as theses and dissertations. If such works are being produced, then the essay outline format must include constructing this. A table of contents should actually be created after the entire work is written, for it is the “roadmap” for the reader to understand how the topic, divided into subtopics, is sequenced.

3. Introduction

The introduction varies in length depending on the breadth and depth of the topic. The point of the introduction is, of course, to introduce the topic and thesis. For basic essays and term papers, the introduction is generally one paragraph in length. For complex works, however, the introduction may be an entire section or chapter of the work, and there should be a separate essay outline format for the introduction in these cases so that one’s thoughts are organized and coherent.

4. The Body

This may be the most difficult part of writing an essay outline because it will address all of the subtopics in the essay or research paper. Subtopics must be logical and, most importantly, sequenced correctly. In a basic essay, subtopics are usually organized from the most important to the least important ones. In a narrative, however, the body paragraphs must follow the flow of the “story” being told. In complex research works, the body will be divided into sections or chapters, and each will have subtopics to be developed. The essay outline template for the body, therefore, will differ depending on the type of work being produced.

5. Conclusion

This section must not only provide a summary of the essay’s or research paper’s thesis and content but must also point the reader in some direction. The conclusion in a basic essay or research paper will differ from that of complex graduate works, but the points to be made must be clear in the writer’s mind and listed on the essay outline template.

6. Bibliography

The bibliography is the listing of all resources used in the production of the essay or research paper. The number and types of resources will obviously differ according to the complexity of the work. The most important thing to take note of when constructing this section is to follow the format requirements of the instructor or professor.

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