Answering Essay Questions

At the university level, essay questions are a part of most coursework and examinations. Sometimes a student may be writing essay questions responses outside of class and under the stressful conditions of an in-class mid-term or final examination. There are also the admissions essay questions that are a part of university and graduate school applications.

While you cannot prepare a perfect response to essay questions that appear on examinations, you can increase your chances of doing well on them by practicing the process when you answer assigned essay questions which are part of your coursework. There are standard steps that should be a part of all essay writing and these are as follow:

1. Be certain that you understand the question

It is not good enough to simply understand the topic. You will also need to understand the purpose of the essay. Are you simply to provide information and facts? Are you to provide causes or effects, to take a stand on an issue, or to compare and/or contrast? Perhaps, you are being asked to analyze or to evaluate a concept, a piece of writing, or the opinions of others. Essay questions always have a purpose.

2. Brainstorm the points or components to be included in the essay

You might want to do this in two or three sessions, for more will come to you as you think over time.

3. Once the brainstorming points are listed, combine those items that are related and prioritize them in order of importance.

For example, there are multiple causes of most major events and writing essay questions responses on this type of assignment will require the writer to discuss the most important ones first. The same is true in an opinion or a comparison/contrast essay as well.

4. Working with the ideas and points to be made assist in the development of a thesis statement.

The main point must address the purpose of the essay. In particular, thesis statement must be made in the introduction of essay questions.

5. Writing the body paragraphs should not be difficult if the sub-topics have been carefully developed through the brainstorming and organizing process.

Each paragraph should address every point that you are making.

6. Concluding paragraphs wrap up writing essay questions responses.

Generally, conclusion raises the thesis and summary of the essay. In this section, adding new information is forbidden.

7. Review and edit the entire piece

Is it logical? Does it flow well? Do the paragraphs have topic sentences and supporting details? Does the writer employ good transitions between paragraphs? And, of course, is the grammar and language usage correct? Are sentence lengths varied? Often, it is appropriate to ask another to review an essay to gain a more objective point of view. is happy to provide review and editing services for any student for an extremely low cost. Essay questions examples assist students as they attempt to write their own essays on similar topics and purposes. Students are most welcome to contact for more essay questions examples.
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