The Explanatory Essay Requires Some Serious Thought

When an explanatory essay is assigned, students may be concerned that they do not have enough information to provide an explanation of a difficult topic or issue or that they do not have the skill set to organize explanatory essay effectively.

No matter what is the topic assigned, students are well advised to study an explanatory essay example so as to gain an understanding of the explanatory essay format and the method by which an author develops such an essay type. Even though the topics may vary widely, there are common elements in all explanatory essay format structures.

The following concepts may be quite difficult for others to grasp:

  • A Political Science instructor assigns an explanatory essay on the U.S. Electoral College.
  • A Science instructor assigns an essay that requires a detailed explanation of DNA strands.
As such, the explanatory essay must be succinct, carefully organized, and written in as simple a manner as possible. The best essays of this type assume that the readers have no knowledge on the topic.

Organizing the Explanatory Essay

While a student may feel overwhelmed with organizing an explanation, it is important to understand that there is a definite explanatory essay format to be followed. This involves a comprehensive and carefully crafted explanatory essay outline. The outline must provide every aspect of the concept that is being explained. If, for example, the Electoral College is being explained, the outline must begin with the determination of electoral vote numbers for each state and how the popular votes are translated into electoral votes. An explanatory essay outline on DNA, on the other hand, must begin with a basic explanation of what DNA is and how DNA markers determine genetic markers.
Examples are a necessary part of an explanatory essay. The ability to provide examples of a concept, term, or process allows the readers to acquire a better understanding. The use of clear metaphors may also be effective in some instances.Each body paragraph should address one aspect of the explanation and they should flow logically and maintain coherence. A good explanatory essay outline keeps a writer “on track” while writing the rough draft.

Uncomfortable with an Explanatory Essay?

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