The Expository Essay Can Take Many Forms

Exposition is, quite simply, the investigation, presentation, analysis, and/or explanation of a concept, event, idea, or theory. It does not require an opinion but a factual approach to the topic in question. The expository essay may take many forms, often dependent upon the expository essay prompts given by a professor.

If a student is given with expository essay prompts that relate to the causes of some event, for example, the expository essay format will be that of cause and effect; if the expository essay prompts relate to a definition or explanation of a concept, the expository essay format will follow a path of describing and explaining; if the prompt requires a comparison/contrast then that format must be used. Rarely will a student be asked to form and support a personal opinion in an expository essay since it is really based on investigation and reporting.

Expository essay writing naturally follows the basic essay format of (1) establishing a thesis statement in the introduction; (2) development of body paragraphs that present “evidence” to support the thesis, and (3) a conclusion that synthesizes the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph must relate directly to the thesis. Further, the transitions between paragraphs must be developed effectively.

Organizing the essay content for the body paragraphs usually requires an outline to observe logical flow of the general components of the information. If research has been used, then the resources for the information should be noted on the outline to avoid citation errors.

A Word about Creativity

No one enjoys reading “boring” expository essay but this is often the case when one is “reduced” to investigation and presentation of factual information. However, the skilled writer has the ability to find creative ways of presenting such information so that the reader finds the essay enjoyable and compelling. In essence, expository essay writing should not be “dry”. The use of figurative language, attention-grabbing statements, and even occasional humor, if appropriate, makes up a presentation that is informative but “reader-friendly” as well.Expository essay writing is probably the most common form of assigned writing at the university level. Students who lack the skill set to produce this type of writing will be at a distinct disadvantage in most of their course work but they can find exceptional assistance at, where a professional writer in the topic area can be assigned to any expository essay assignment.