College History Essay Writing – The Expectations are High

History course work at the university level focuses on names, dates, and events as far as they relate to more general concepts, trends, and theories. Different to the ones you have written in high school, the requirements change significantly. You will now be asked to develop a sound thesis based on analysis of events or trends. The thesis should be supported with factual information gathered from texts, lectures, and outside research.

Since many students do not know how to write history essay assignments, we have provided the following tips that should assist them:


  1. As with any type of college writing, a history essay should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Depending on the breadth and depth of the work, the body may be composed of a few paragraphs to several pages. The introduction should contain your thesis statement – your opinion, the main point you are trying to make, or your overall reflection. Conclusions should not present any new content; rather, it should provide a summary of the major points made in the body of a history essay.
  2. Like most other fields of study, historians have theories regarding the “march of time” in human history. Often, students are required to study a theory and to form an opinion regarding its veracity. For example, a professor might propose a common theory of several historians – that all of the major events and periods of history are a result of man’s desire for freedom or for security. History essay writing on this topic requires the student to form an opinion, state that opinion in his/her thesis, and then prepare a history essay that either confirms or denies this theory.
  3. History essay writing at the university level must go beyond factual information which requires critical thinking. Cause and effect, analysis, evaluation, persuasion, and comparison and contrast are common purposes for history essays and research papers. It is important to fully understand the purpose since this will drive the type of research conducted and the thesis statement that will be formulated.

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