The Informal Essay Should be Fun to Write and Enjoyable to Read

When an informal essay is assigned, the topic is usually far less academic in nature and the requirements for informal writing are far less strict. The student will find it hard to look for informal essay definition since this type of essay can take many forms and types. The most distinct similarity among those who propose informal essay definition is the language style. Although its language style is relaxed, its organizational structure must follow the type of essay assigned.

The informal essay format is encompassing. For example, professor may require a humorous essay that relates a personal experience while one may be asked to prepare a comparison/contrast informal essay on the differences between day and night supermarket shoppers or those who watch sports versus those who watch soap operas. Other informal essay assignments might be based on a more serious nature such as recounting of the saddest event in one’s life or one’s experience of working for a non-profit organization. In all of these instances, the student will required to provide a personal piece of writing which may include perspective, opinion, emotion, conversation, and introspection.

While style is certainly far less formal, writing an informal essay still requires proper structure, grammar, and the other components of an effective piece of writing. A thesis statement should be stated in the introduction including the topics to be covered. The use of smooth transition between body paragraphs is a must; fluency and coherency are necessary, and appropriate sentence structure, grammar and punctuation are also expected.

Informal essay writing should be an enjoyable experience. However, we recognize that there are many students who simply do not like to write them. is happy to help these students. We can provide sample informal essays, an informal essay format for any type of assignment, or as requested, create an exciting and exceptional informal essay for any student at any academic level and on any topic.