Demonstrating Thinking Skills through Philosophy Essay

A philosophy essay should demonstrate several skills. One of these skills is the ability to apply critical thinking skills to a difficult academic discipline. A succesful philosopher knows how to think, therefore, he or she does not draw conclusions or fall prey to weak arguments. This skill should be evident in any philosophy essay. Another skill that students of philosophy must demonstrate via philosophy essay writing is the ability to use logic. In philosophy essay writing the definition of logic is different from the definition of logic outside of academia. Logic as it is applied in philosophy essay writing influences how thoughts are presented, challenged, and eventually accepted as truth, usually through deductive and syllogistic argumentation. The ability to express ideas, use proper grammar and punctuation, and cite sources are also some of the important skills.

Clarity is perhaps the most important goal of a student who is seeking to prove that he or she has learned how to write a philosophy essay. The student must show the professor that he or she has properly vetted the philosophical idea that is being supported or contradicted. Using good language helps to bolster the student’s assertion that he or she has mastered how to write a philosophy essay. Predicting opposing viewpoints and addressing them effectively is another way in which students can demonstrate that they know how to write a philosophy essay.

All of which starts with properly executed research. Unlike other disciplines, philosophy is not based on pure science. As such, it does not apply scientific method. This does not mean that there is no structure to the discipline of philosophy. Students must study the works of great philosophers in order to learn this structure. Therefore, they must study the works of their peers and participate in discussion groups, understand basic logic constructs, take the time to learn about subjects such as ethics and morality, and remain vigilantly intellectually curious. The study of philosophy can be credited with the formation of most modern political ideology and with the establishment and creation of religious belief and vice versa.

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