Writing a Politics Essay – A Busy Student’s Guide

When students receive a politics essay assignment, they are tempted to begin writing immediately. It is important to resist this temptation. Even though this reaction is okay, they should bear in mind that succesfully written politics essay begins with research and recording of thoughts. If their initial writings include complete sentences and paragraphs, they may need to slow down and revisit the process they are using. In many cases, it is best to start by recording snippets of ideas and facts. Later, these can evolve into bullet points which will eventually become sentences. When these sentences are combined they can form several paragraphs, which will make up the entire essay. Therefore, essays written with cautiousness will display mastery of the topic. They also show a maturity in logic and analysis that would not be present in politics essay writing that is started hastily.

Politics essay writing is easier if students studied the essay topic in depth. However, this is not a neccessity. Using proven research methods and taking time to analyze the subject is the way to close the gap. In fact, succesful politics essay writing when the subject is not very familiar can reveal essential skills such as the ability to think independently and to master subject matter quickly. If the subject matter is familiar, students should be cautious. The assumption that one knows about a subject can result in omitting new information, ignoring more recent events, and drawing conclusions too quickly. Demonstrating that one knows how to write a politics essay means establishing the ability to constantly update current knowledge.

The field of politics is extremely complex. There is no other discipline in which opinions vary so widely and are so strongly held and expressed. Politics essay is different from other essays in that the writer can express and support an opinion. When instructors teach students how to write a politics essay, they encourage students to express their own opinions based on their beliefs and experiences. The best instructors balance this encouragement with an admonishment that a solid understanding of political philosophy is needed before any opinion will be respected. This includes the understanding of one’s own philosophies along with the philosophies of those with countering opinions. This understanding is the most important evidence that a student knows how to write a politics essay.

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