Writing a College Level Science Essay

As with any other subject, writing a science essay involves the steps of analysis, research, writing, and citation. Unlike many other subjects, the research and analysis phases of science essay writing can be considerably complex. This is because a succesfully written science essay is based on scientific research that has been completed following accepted methodologies. The finished essay must provide evidence that these methodologies were reliable, appropriate, and generally acceptable within the scientific community. Science essay writing must also display mastery of subject matter and proper use of the following:


  • Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
  • Use of introductory paragraph and closing paragraphs
  • The ability to properly cite sources
  • Logical presentation of ideas
  • The ability to draw conclusions based on evidence
  • Objectivity
Science essay writing involves many steps. Each student must come up with a series of steps that allow him or her to produce the best science essay. Some of these steps that students may take during the essay writing process are as follow:


  • Creation of an outline to help organize the thought process
  • Use of note cards to record facts, experimentation results, and statistical analysis
  • Use of digital recording devices to store ideas
  • Review of academic papers on similar topics which were written by other students
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